'Brethren' on Jonathan Walker's Blog.

Writer, historian and longtime collaborator Jonathan Walker has announced on his blog that he has nearly finished his new novel 'Brethren'.

Brethren is set in an evangelical church in 1980's Liverpool. You can read more about his book on his blog post, which includes a chapter from the novel and the script that he gave me to create the illustration above.


A Coruña Romanesque, sketches.

La Colegiata de Santa María del Campo.

Iglesia de Santiago.

Sketches, from the medieval quarter of A Coruña, of the romanesque architecture which dates from the 12th century.  

The Church of Santiago is the oldest and most preserved of the buildings depicted here, as I was informed by the priest whilst sketching it, whilst 'Santa María del Campo' has various renovations including an extension to the main Portal and later neo-romanesque additions.

The Convent of Santa Barbara was built later, but has pieces of Romanesque architecture cemented into it's walls and facade from earlier buildings. 


Top: La Colegiata de Santa María del Campo. Bottom: Convento de Santa Barbara.

Left: Iglesia de Santiago. Right: Convento de Santa Barbara.